Thursday, April 01, 2010

Late Barry-Roubaix Report

  • Relaxing morning!
  • Controlled roll-out for first 2 miles.
  • Introduced to mile long sand two-track.
  • Bikes all over the place, running my bike, not riding.
  • Time to work back to main chase group.
  • 6ish miles later in main pack chasing three leaders.
  • Felt comfortable towards end of first lap.
  • Hit lap 2/split time in 1:41 to start second lap.
  • Still chasing leaders.
  • Enter sand two-track in pack and loose all forward momentum.
  • This was where my race came undone.  Bad circumstance, not aggressive enough.
  • Leave two-track chasing main group, not good...
  • Try to bridge back up before blowing like a big dog.
  • Content somewhat with cruising last 20 miles to finish line.
  • Some sightseeing.  Got to checkout the mx'ers better at my slow speeds.
  • It's amazing how you suffer when you're solo away from the main pack.
  • Get caught by 5-6 racers from behind.  No acceleration left in legs.
  • Glad to see finish line and family!
  • Finish 24th out of 59 Elite finishers for the 65 mile "Killer Gravel Road Race".
  • Great event, will be back in 2011...

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