Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Brain Fart Tuesday - Talking Out Loud
  • The white stuff has come back to Central Wisco in the form of inches, not just snow showers.
  • Mtb & road Barr Mitts are awesome!
  • Cross training with the shovel this morning at my house and neighbors is a given task.
  • The rollers and a LOST dvd in the basement are looking inviting again with this weather.
  • Bike prep and building needs to start soon before training hours pick up.
  • Still trying to find the ultimate biking jacket and tights for 20-35 degrees F. 
  • Do I need a new road bike???
  • One more session to get worked over with the personal trainer at A212. 
  • I really want to participate in the Pugsley race at QBP's Frostbike in just over a week.
  • Looking forward to the Chequamegon 100...Thanks Tim & Joe!
  • How many more years will I want to be racing competitively???
  • Time flies when you have kids...where do the weeks go???
  • I just want to ride my bicycle outside without studded tires and 3 layers of clothing.
Pedal on...

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