Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crono Bike Swap

Not a whole lot going on in this winter wonderland. Last week I managed to commute four days along with being tortured(not really) at Adventure 212 as this "Old Man" gets ready for the 2010 season. I'm working out with Chris Peariso 2-3 times a week working on core, strength, balance and anything else that will help me head into my 21st season of abusing my body and as I try not embarrass myself.

On Saturday I made it to another Crono Bike Swap with Chris P and my brother Mark. For the first time in my years of attending this event I left with the same amount of cash in my pocket as I did when I walked through the door. Some call it restraint, I'll just say that it seemed like more junk this year than from years past. I already have enough junk bicycle parts in my own basement. The highlight again on this trip was eating at Pasqual's after the swap and fueling up on the awesome Cowboy Burrito. This was a days worth of calories in itself.

It's back on my studded tire single speed mtn bike today to explore a few snowmobike trails on the way to work. The warm up in temps this week may have turned the trails to a sand like slush, but it's still better than playing Frogger with cars when I'm crossing the interstate on and off ramps. Pedal on...

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