Saturday, December 12, 2009

That Time Again

Just a few more days of being lazy before my 2010 training program starts. I need to put down the Playstation 3 controller and try not to relapse into the video game addict that I've become...My body aches worse after hours of sitting on the floor in front of the TV, than it does after racing for 12 hours solo. Figure that out???

Once again I'll be a member of the 2010 Adventure /212 Specialized MTB Team which motivates me to get my old butt in gear. Talk about a possible spring training camp in a warm climate is all this guy needs to get off the couch and to start moving again. In the past few years I've taken less time off each winter just because I can't afford to lose all of my fitness base. Being the "Old Man" on the team makes me want to work hard so I can have fun and meet my goals for the season. With four NUE 100 milers on the schedule it's going to be important for me to work even more on my strength, core, flexibility and a solid base for the season, along with trying to find/hone the correct training formula to be competitive in both the faster paced WORS series and the slightly slower pace of endurance racing.

To add variety to my training program after the first real snowfall of the season here in central Wisco, I have tuned up my xc skis (this should make Kyia happy) and will be upgrading to new snowshoes soon to keep things on the workout front exciting and different until springtime comes. My running shoes will also be making a few guest appearances on the neighborhood streets as running was once a huge part of my life before cycling became the dominant activity.

Starting today I'll be working for the next 7 days which only happens once a year during the holidays. It won't be too bad, but I'll be thinking lots about everyone from Mark Burkholz who's mountain bike racing down in Florida, to those excited about snowboarding on opening day up at Granite Peak who are really glad to not be working at the Hostel Shoppe today with me. Enjoy...


Jesse said...

Townsend, TN for spring training again?

Mad Trix said...

MTB people are so cool Scott. I saw a bunch of people I met at Santos last year and pre-rode with them today. The fellowship is the same no matter where we go it seems.