Friday, December 04, 2009

My Latest Addiction

With a much needed break from serious training taking place I've found another addiction that takes the place of cycling and can eat up many hours late into the evening. This sure beats Intelevision games and Atari from when I was a kid. Things have come a long ways since the first Pong video games that were at the time cutting edge technology crazy as a young kid in the early seventies. I've seen and owned too many game systems in my lifetime.

Finally, light snow flurries yesterday left a teaser of the white cold white stuff on the ground here in central Wisconsin. The grass is still visible, but winter is definitely finally coming with the temps now dropping into the teens overnight and with the highs in the low 30's during the daylight hours my commute was a bit chilly last night. After last nights commute home, I've decided to dig out the next level of winter commuting clothing that keeps me toasty on the bike between 15 to 30 degrees F with the windchill factored in somewhat. The roads were also slick in the neighborhoods from the effects of the weather. My bikes with studded tires need to be tuned and this weekend will see my Tricross retired for the season as the salt has already hit the pavement last night on our local roads.

A good weekend coming up with a Pointers hockey game tonight and the beginning of a series of X-Mas parties to attend as the holidays make for a very busy time for my family. Pedal on and enjoy...

***NEWS FLASH - USA Cycling***

Mountain bike racing:

A new rule allows technical assistance zones in:

1)Ultra-Endurance events (Marathon, 6-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour events)

2)UCI Cross Country (XCO) events (UCI classes only)

3)Cross Country National Championships for the UCI classes (Pro men, Pro women, Junior 17-18 men, and Junior 17-18 women).

4)Category 1 junior 15-16 year old juniors when they are are on the course at the same time as the category 1 junior 17-18 riders. (Rule 6D1)

****Riders are allowed to get technical assistance including repair or replacement of any part other than the frame. Bike changes are not allowed and riders must finish with the same handlebar number as at the start (Rule 6D2).

****Does this mean only one bike is allowed to be used for 24hr solo racing??? No fleet of back-up bikes waiting under the pit tent???


Chris said...

I already sent a note to Kelli Lusk to get clarification. No news yet.

Charlie Farrow said...

I loath USA Cycling...What good are they? They are so out of touch with the vast majority endurance cyclists...They have no shame...Why should they be able to dictate anything? To me they have absoultely zero legitimacy...