Monday, November 30, 2009

Blog Brain Farts...

(-) No morning commute today with kid drop-off and a.m. meeting.

(+/-) To ride or not. No set training plans to follow yet. Just having fun with friends on the road, trails along with commuting.

(+) Found THIS race that I would like to do on March 27th.

(+) Looking forward to attending a X-Mas party this weekend.

(-) Not looking forward to working a Sunday in December that leads into 7 straight work days of possible X-Mas shopping madness.

(+) Looking forward to X-Mas in Michigan even if the trip only totals 5 days.

(+/-) In a sick way have been wanting to get out on my studded up cyclo-cross bike once the weather turns ugly.

(-) Have been lacking in meaningful blogs posts lately and hope to spice things up soon.

Pedal on...


The Shed Master said...

I did the Barry-Roubaix last year - a very nice and tough event. The scenery is cool, but almost never flat.

Hoping to do it again in 2010.

Jake said...

You should definitely do the Barry-Roubaix very nice event. Almost an Iceman type atmosphere. This year looks to be even a little longer with the start being moved to Yankee.