Saturday, October 10, 2009

Withdrawals & Depression

This week has been a tough one following my double header race weekend that I'm still recovering from. If I would have been wiser, I should have filled up my 12hr winning growler with beer, drank until I passed out and that should have caused me to blow off the WORS race that caused most of the bodily damage last Sunday. I'm old enough to know better from what my wife tells me. On being healthly right now, I feel as though I can't get rid of my head cold even with plenty of sleep this week, otherwise my legs feel OK with only one bike ride this week.

My withdrawals and depression come from not being out in Moab for the 24hr Solo National Championships at the 24 Hours of Moab. This race was on my schedule until early September where I realized with work and family it just wouldn't be a possibility this year. It's been hard sitting in front of the computer reading fellow racer blogs and getting the race communique updates from Granny Gear Productions. I've got a crew of racers that I'll follow through REAL TIME scoring. Chris Strout, Ben Koenig, Brad Majors, Todd Carpenter and Charly Tri are a few of the names that I hope to see near the top of the standings come Sunday morning.

Later today it's off to the last WORS race this weekend to meet my fellow Adventure 212/Specialized teammates in Sheboygan for the Wigwam MTB Challenge on one of my favorite courses. My only hope is that I feel good enough to race tomorrow on my big wheeled Specialized carbon 29er. Course pre-ride and hanging out with friends is always something I look forward to at every race. Good luck to everyone at 24hr nationals and for those racing WORS tomorrow. Pedal on...

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Kyia said...

Cheer up Scott! Mr. Anderson, the Wonder Dog and I will be in Sheboygan!