Friday, October 23, 2009


Not a whole lot of good to talk about after a dreary wet week here in central Wisconsin. My week has ended on a bad note today after finding out that a stupid fall on my mountain bike not too long ago has resulted in a non-displaced fracture of one of my ribs. This isn't something that will heal quickly according to the nurse that called with results from my x-rays and it can be a painful injury. Yes, it is painful so far, especially when a cough, sneeze, laugh or even try to sleep. I was also told to stay active to prevent myself from getting pneumonia and that I shouldn't be lifting anything heavy or awkward. This will definitely bring the trainer out of hibernation this weekend for the start of what will be a long couple of weeks leading up to the IceMan Cometh. I have no idea how my fractured rib will feel in two weeks and if I'll even be on the starting line. If I do race I'll try not to laugh or come close to using my full lung capacity which could cause some pain. Who knows???

On to some better news for the weekend, it's not suppose to rain tomorrow afternoon and the WORS series banquet is tomorrow night here in Stevens Point. I'm looking forward to a night out with my wife and friends as the banquet consists of a social hour, dinner, awards and usually a huge raffle of great swag to end the evening. Pedal on...

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