Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Finally! A day off with some sunshine and temps in the mid 30's. I got out this morning for a good two hour cruise still on my cross bike with studded tires. It was tempting to get my Specialized TriCross out, but I left it in the kitchen and stayed with my abused LeMond Poprad for another ride. The studded tires probably weren't needed, but my training partner this morning went down on an icy stretch and slid far enough to almost give me a chance to get my camera out. No road rash or broken bike parts to report as a crash is the last thing that you want happening to anybody that you ride with. Riding conditions should only get better unless we actually do get some more snow tonight.

Tonight I'm adding some excitement to my workout by giving the E-Motion Rollers a try.
Pedal on...

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