Monday, January 19, 2009

***My Daily Training Routine as I attempt to be a
Competitive Endurance Racer with a Young Family

1. Have some natural talent and a supportive wife.
2. Set the alarm to go off way before the sun rises.
3. Drink good coffee to wake up.
3. Ride for 2-4 hours before breakfast on the trainer or outside.
4. Eat breakfast with the family and play with kids(1.5 & 5 yr old)before work.
5. Commute to work taking the 5,13,16, or 20 mile route.
6. Work 40-45 hours a week.
7. Commute home taking one of the routes from #4.
8. Eat dinner either with the family or just after they've finished.
9. Family time outside or inside depending on the weather.
10. Kids bedtime rituals.
11. Household chores.
12. Core and strength regimen to keep a guy over 40 respectable.
13. Relax for a few minutes before lights go out between 9:30 & 10:00pm.
14. Repeat this consistently Monday thru Friday with a few recovery weeks.
15. On the weekends work, relax with family, ride with friends, or race.

***Field Tested during the 2008 season.

Pedal on...


EVOMO said...

I found your blog via Justin Lund (Evomo Team) and wow, another dedicated family man with a day job working to find the balance in life and still train for the big races.

Keep it up!

Scott Cole said...

Thanks! Being busy with the family has actually helped my training as it's made me more disciplined with my time.