Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heat Wave?

Today it looks to be a warm one with the weather forecast showing 30 degrees by noon time. This is just about enough motivation to get me outside for a good long ride so that I'm not having to look at the same walls in the basement every morning as I'm spinning madly to nowhere. I'm going to try and get my old Lemond Poprad ready for some training miles with the addition of studded tires and fenders to it. Another reason to bring out the LeMond is so I can try my Bar Mitts that I've had for some time now and they are in need of a good test run. After reading Bender's reviews he's been posting and pictures of his rides, I seriously need to give these a good try so that I can get a review up on my blog about how warm/dry they keep your hands on a few rides here in the near future.

For all you Trans Iowa freaks you might be interested in this SITE that could help you figure out what to have on your bike in this years 330ish mile self-supported gravel grinder. This will be my third attempt crazed event and I'm still trying to figure out how to carry the essentials to survive the Guitar Ted created challenge. If anybody's got the ultimate set-up, let me know. Have a great weekend! Pedal on...

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