Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Last 4 Weeks of Focused Training
Yesterday started with what is the beginning to an end for the 2008 season. The next four weeks will have me focusing on the Iceman Cometh to get me to a goal I set earlier this year. I'm working on giving this old motor some snap to go along with the long haul endurance base I already have. To me it's actually good to be following a plan as it's very easy to get lazy and blow off getting out on my bikes. Thanks to Chris from Adventure 212 for the help this month. Cyclo-Cross(CX) is also on the schedule after we get past Sheboygan this next weekend. Coming from a steeple chase background in collegiate track & field, I've always looked forward to CX this time of year with the shorter barriers if it fits into the family schedule on the weekends. Pedal on...

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