Sunday, August 24, 2008

Easy Decision - No Sunday Race
My bike choice for todays WORS race that has been troubling me most of the week and last night was made easy for me this morning. My question was answered very quickly as a post race 24hr issue that has flared back up over the last week had me questioning the long road trip and not knowing if I would even line up for the start. Yesterday morning I knew I was in trouble as I made it three blocks on my road bike before turning around and putting the bike back in the garage. I may attempt to ride later today around town as it definitely is easy to just get off the bike close to home without hurting the bank account. It would not have been cheap with a 3 hour drive to the River Falls race when you add up fuel costs, food and paying $35 to race when questioning myself about even making it through the first lap of the race. As depressing as it is not to race today, sometimes your body knows best even though many still question my overall sanity after riding a bike for 24 hours. Pedal on...


Ash said...

Awww, too bad you're not racing today; but it's always best to listen to your body. Miss you

Charlie Farrow said...

Hey Scott, Hope you feel better, I met several of your friends at River Falls that are fired up for the UP race next weekend...Hopefully, I will be able to attend...may be a family affair as the area is beautiful!
Best Regards,

ps I consider your effort at 9 Mile as one of the best I have ever personally witnessed in cycling