Thursday, May 24, 2007

Point Pursuit MTB Wednesday

It must have been a good mtb ride on the 13 miles of singletrack last night at Standing Rocks County Park from the smiling faces in this photo of David, Dan, John and Wally before loading up and heading home. Last night was hot, humid, and I got awful dirty for not having to ride in the rain and mud like last weekend. My prize for the night was the attachment of a tick that I found after getting home before calling it a night. The little creature was attached like it was super glued on and it took me a few tries before I ripped it off my thigh. After three hours of bike cleaning everything seems to work fine on the S-Works again. The mud sure can scar components up as my cranks look like steel wool had been used on them for cleaning purposes. Today's a recovery day with the upcoming holiday weekend looking good for riding if I get up before sunrise to get my rides started along with whatever the weather forecast will bring in the form of wind, rain, sun, etc.

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