Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day
Nothing exciting about today besides hanging out with the family, relaxing and being lazy napping on the couch most of the afternoon. This kind of Sunday is unusual with all the travel that takes place with the mountain bike season already upon us. I did finally get on my bike for a windy 46 mile road ride with my brother late in the afternoon. With the rain this morning I decided that it wouldn't kill me to not ride if the weather didn't clear up like it eventually did. Today I'm not feeling the best after thinking that I had missed whatever virus my daughter had late in the week with the odds kind of against me when you can't quarantine yourself from your sick child and also be a good dad at the same time. I'll just need to work on strengthening my immune system for the next 15 or more years. With the Lake Geneva WORS round up next weekend it looks like a week of intervals and some of my favorite Rib Mountain hill repeats to fine tune these old legs of mine. I wish this race had a few more choices for hotels in the area as the prices seem pretty steep because of the Lake Geneva area being a popular summer resort area. I have the weekend off with Saturday looking more like a good day to get some things done around the house instead of traveling and pre-riding the race course. I'll just need to find the wheel of somebody who knows the course on the first lap Sunday who doesn't mind dragging an old guy around. Maybe I can recruit one of the fast MARS racers? Who knows what race day next Sunday will bring.


WingNut said...

Roger that on strengthening the immune system. It sure would be nice if that were true. If you find the recipe, let me know.

mountaingoat said...

Great course they built down here. Definitely get well recovered for race day, it's one of the more physically demanding courses out there, but superfun for sure.