Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sunday's Spring Classic Training Ride

Point du Nord
Sunday ~ April 15th 9:00 am

Stevens Point Public Library Parking Lot(downtown Stevens Point)

(68/110 miles/kilometers)HBNSC Spring Classic Training Ride(Level 3 Ride)

These are local LSD (Long Steady Distance) training rides loosely patterned after the European spring classics. CAUTION: This ride emulates the cobbled classic Paris-Roubaix--the "Hell of the North"--so over half of this ride is on sand/gravel roads. Ride group is strongly encouraged to stay together, however smaller groups may tend to form up during ride. Each small group should be responsible for staying together. Level 3 pace can be characterize as moderate (16-19 mph) to hard (20-24 mph). All riders should be self-sustained, being prepared with food and water, and able to deal with any mechanical difficulties, if necessary. Route map and cue sheet can be picked up at local bike shops.
Things to Remember:
The course will not be marked on the road.
You will be responsible for getting yourselves back to the start point. You will need to rely on the map if you fall back from, or get out in front of, your group.
Even though we will be riding on country roads, remaining single file or at most two abreast and on the right side of the road shows respect for motorists, represents our club well and is highly recommended.
And as always, you will receive disparaging looks if you choose to ride without a helmet.
Ride Hosts:
Mike McGibbon/Scott Cole
(715) 592-3677

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