Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amherst Gold Spring Classic

Today was the last of my harder efforts before Trans Iowa(6 days to the gravel fest). It was also the first day that I can remember riding when the temp has hit 80 degrees in a long time. Yes, I do have the typical cyclist tan lines or should I call them burn lines that are bright red at the moment. Sun screen was applied above my shoulders, but I was in a hurry as I jetted off to the ride start on my road bike almost an hour away. My hurrying was to make it in time for the buckwheat blueberry pancakes at the local restaurant without even thinking about what happens on the first hot and sunny day to your exposed body parts. Ouch! I'll pay for this for the next few days. The Spring Classic ride today turned out to be a good test of my fitness level before next weekends gravel grinder. I felt good after the ride as I rushed to the local park for a few hours of trail work before the official opening date of May 1st. I'm definitely looking forward to getting on my mountain bike this season with all the road miles I have put in so far this year. This next week will be all about resting my old body and getting my bike and gear ready for the drive down to Iowa on Friday. Below is the ride summary today from my Garmin Edge 305.

Ride Time (h:m:s) 4:11:09
Distance (mi ) 83.36
Moving Speed (mph) 19.9 avg. /35.2 max.
Elevation Gain (ft)+3,808 / -3,857 Avg.
Heart Rate 145 avg. / 195 max
Temperature (°F) 70.7°F avg. / 80.6°F high
Wind Speed (mph) S 11.6 avg. /S 18.4 max.


enduroloco said...

I am badly burnt as well enjoy the pats on the shoulders as I know I will. How was the wind? I ended going solo for a 50 miler and they were out of the WSW at 22mph.....So I decided to ride south for as long as I could and then eventually head north....well I thought it was straight south so the last part of the ride was brutal as well....Have fun in Iowa and good luck.

Scoletrain said...

I hope to have fun in Iowa and finish. The wind was bad towards the end of the ride as the route headed west and finally south for the last 10-15 miles. I'll see you in Iola in a few weeks.