Wednesday, March 07, 2007


More trainer time this morning while following or staring at the Hardcore 100 Spinerval DVD. 24 hour solo racing is so much easier on my ass compared to these sessions on the bike trainer. As another endurance racer put it, " You can only ride for so long in one place without going anywhere." I need to start going places soon before I go crazy in the basement. Commuting will resume in the next few days as the roads become clearer after the two inches of new snow that fell yesterday. This will add forty plus minutes to my riding time in addition to the trainer unless I decide to start my early morning rides outside with longer rides being dictated by the weather forecasts. Retiring the trainer early this spring would make me a very happy cyclist if I can get some cooperation from Mother Nature.

My week could be exciting with some new shoes from Specialized arriving by Friday. It's bad when an item like shoes can be enough motivation to make you hungry to train more. With this weekend off from work, I need to log some serious road time whenever I have a chance. Spin on...

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