Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No Work Tuesday
After finishing my second cup of coffee at Emy J's this morning I'm starting to get my motivation back with my training program as the weather is now becoming bike friendly and the ride prep isn't taking as much time. Looking ahead to the Trans-Iowa event, I'm a little disappointed that we've lost fellow Wisconsin endurance racer Lee Unwin to the Dirt Sweat and Gears race in Tennessee that is held on the same weekend. I'm still hoping that a good Wisconsin contingent of riders make it to the starting line in Decorah at the end of April. The plus side of this is that Lee will be able to help promote the great line of products from Ergon at that race along with Jeff(Mr. 24) Kerkove who will be in Tennessee for a few weekends spreading the good word about Ergon. My bike set-up for TI-V3 and bike choice has come down to the fact that I'll be attempting this event on a mountain bike and Ergon grips that will hopefully carry me to the finish if weather conditions cooperate this year compared to last years monsoon and no finishers. I can't imagine riding a cyclo-cross bike with drop bars for this distance if these roads are torn up in any manner. In less than two months we'll find out. Time to go ride...

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