Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just Riding

Training miles are slowly accumulating as my rides become longer and the weather gets better. With the end of April fast approaching with TI-V3, my main goal is to be healthy, comfortable on my bike and be one of the finishers. I'm working daily on my core strength and have tried to watch my diet better if cookies wouldn't suddenly appear at work and wipe out any daily goals. My Waterford road bike project is on hold as I patiently wait for the SRAM Force brake set that isn't in stock yet. It's cool to have most of it together, but brakes are critical for the first test ride. I haven't even been on my new mountain bike, not even in the neighborhood, as it arrived just as the snow fell before Christmas and I haven't been lucky like MikeP down in the southern part of the state. We're both riding the same Specialized model S-Works this season. A test ride and report should come in the near future once the local trails dry out. Time to end this post and start the long commute loop to work. Ride...

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