Monday, October 02, 2006

The Road Trip Begins
Batteries are charged, race cloths packed and labeled, the food box is packed with lots of energy products and both bikes are race ready. Tomorrow evening the road trip to the 24 hour solo worlds begins with four to five hours of driving straight south. If all goes well we should be in Georgia early Thursday morning with time to relax, along with riding the course and getting the race plans dialed in. I'm going to try and have daily updates through Friday and maybe something on Saturday morning if I need to find something to do before the race starts at 12 noon EST. This race is possible because of my sponsors, family and all my friends who have supported me this season. Thanks again.


Jeff Kerkove said...

Good luck and soak it all in!

Hauser said...


On behalf of the Stadium Bike Team of Green Bay, good luck and "git-r-dun!" Ride on, ride hard!

Stadium Bike Racing
Green Bay, WI