Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pumpkins & Singlespeeds
This Sunday was quite the opposite of a week ago when I was finishing up another 24 hour solo race. Coffee to start things off as usual, followed by the newspaper and a late morning drive to a pumpkin patch where we picked out two good sized carving pumpkins and two smaller ones for decoration with Halloween just a few weeks away. This was not as exciting as last weekend, but almost as painful with the size of pumpkins we purchased.

My ride today consisted of a very slow Green Circle ride on my old singlespeed as my brother and I tried to navigate the island without any luck as the leaves have fallen making the inner loop impossible to see. The rest of the ride consisted of granite trail with nothing to really talk about. My right knee is still sore, but with some easy rides I think that it'll be just fine by the IceMan Cometh in three weekends.


adam heil said...

i tried to ride the island sunday too, i feel better knowing i wasn't the only one who lost the trail every 50 ft

Scott Cole said...

I think that it's time for the Island maintenance crew to blow some leaves off.