Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rome Around
Not a lot to get excited about at the race today. I stayed on the bike without taking anymore skin off my body along with keeping my swollen hand on the handlebars. A 2nd in my Elite age category should get me an award at the WORS banquet in October. My race started with lining up at the back of the start line behind all the fast guys. Without being in the top twenty overall in points, you take whatever starting position you can get without a call up. I started in the top 15, but quickly faded towards the rear of the field as my body refused to go fast until the last two laps when I hooked up with Craig Manthe and the pace became respectable again. My fourth lap turned out to be my fastest of the four laps the Elite field raced. I ended up 24th overall in a race that I was glad to just finish. The next two weeks will be all tapering as I let my body heal and rest before doing battle in Georgia for another 24 hr solo race.

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