Thursday, September 21, 2006

Crush and Bleed
Yesterdays ride ended in the last 15 minutes with it hurting me versus gaining something from it with blood and broken parts. Even with being cautious and creeping along on the wooden bridges on the Green Circle I went down at about 8 mph without even having a chance to get out of the pedals. It happened so quick that I had no time to react as I got body slammed onto the wooden planks taking skin off my knee, hip and I crushed my beat up left hand again. Also, my NiteRider h-bar mount snapped off with the impact. It was a crazy situation as I slowed down to avoid becoming bridge carnage after having seen others in the past crash as a result of the early morning dew and frost, but &%#@*! happens to all of us sooner or later. My hand is back to the same stage of healing that it was at about two weeks ago. It has two weeks to get better before we leave for Georgia. On a positive note, I had another great massage from The Well Being last evening that was perfect after 10+ hours at work doing inventory and along with an ice pack for my hand I still should be able to hold onto a handlegrip for 2-24 hours at a time even with it being swollen. Today was going to be some long road miles, but after the wooden bridge deck inspection yesterday I'm looking to heal some by commuting the long way to work and with a stop downtown to purchase some new music for the Ipod at Radio Koas. This weekend is still questionable for the WORS race that is only thirty minutes from home. I would really like to do it for another hard effort before worlds, but my hand and the weather could factor into my decision.

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