Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crappy Weather
Tomorrow it looks like a 40 degree morning ride at 5am with a chance of showers. Last September was one of the warmest months of the year with this month going in the opposite direction temp wise. I dug through my riding gear and pulled out all the neccessary pieces of clothing that I might need, with a few options if needed. I always feel sluggish the first couple of Fall rides with cold weather clothing as every two to three weeks you need to increase the layers. I'll do whatever it takes to get out for a ride as the countdown continues towards the end of this season.


Anonymous said...

I had the alarm set for 4:30 to go for a 5 AM ride. When I saw the temperature I laid back down on the couch and slept until 6:00 and then just went to work, oh well. I will try again on Thursday.

Scoletrain said...

The ride wasn't too bad once I got going. It was nice to see the sunrise which helped to warm things up.