Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday No Work
Just another Tuesday off from work with no real plans besides riding and a massage late in the afternoon. My ride consisted of 2 1/2 hours on the mountain bike with most of that time being spent spinning on the Green Circle and Tomorrow River Trail before some singletrack at Standing Rocks. With 13 miles of bike trail each way the mileage adds up quickly before the pace slows down and you get into the tight singletrack. My mission on the bike was to baby my body and ride into bushes full of blackberries at Standing Rocks, but the only berries I could find amounted to maybe a handful before I headed back to town. I barely got home in time to shower, before making it to my massage appointment at The Well Being with Deb. Deb has helped me cut my recovery time down with her knowledge of cycling and I'm also very thankful to her for the support that she's given me at 24-9 over the years.

Today, I finalized travel plans for Scuba Steve, my other main 24 hr crewman for the worlds, who with my brother can pretty much keep me motivated and on the bike no matter what is thrown at us during a 24 hr race. All I need to do is ride my bike and leave everything else to them. In the next two weeks I'm going to start knocking on doors of local businesses hoping to pick-up some sponsors to help offset the entry, travel and lodging expenses. Please contact me if anyone is interested in helping us get to the 24 Hours of Adrenalin Solo World Championships in Conyers, Georgia this October.


Jeff Kerkove said...

It's a fun experience. Too bad you have to race in Georgia and not Whistler BC.

Just a heads up...
Be prepared for paying for little things once you arrive, such as the awards ceremony, having people in your pit area, pit passes, etc, etc, etc.

Unleash the Midwest fury!

Scoletrain said...

Thanks for the info. Good luck at Afton!