Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Recovery Day #2
After last nights much needed massage at The Well Being I actually slept 5-6 hours which is almost a victory in itself compared to Sunday night. I'm not sure which hurt worse, the 24 hour race or the one hour massage.
I had planned on an easy Green Circle ride with my brother this morning, but have decided to give the body another 24 hours of recovery before jumping back onto the bike. Work today will be a mini-marathon from 11-5pm and I'm driving a car vs. commuting by my bike which is not the norm, but this week I'll have to give myself an exemption for a few days. Dates are already up for 2007 Nationals which again will be part of 24-9. Let the training begin. Ride on...

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mountaingoat said...

Nationals again next year! Nice. Good job out there Sunday. You looked like death Saturday afternoon so it was good seeing you look better at night.