Thursday, August 10, 2006

The first weekend in October, Team ScoleTrain is heading South to the 24 Hour World Championships in Georgia. I'm picking my brother up in Michigan to begin what should be my biggest adventure of 2006. This has been a goal of my for some time and it's now or never in my mind with the way things can happen in life. Now it's all about training and planning for another 24 hour event. For this weekend I'm off to the Ore 2 Shore to ride the 48 miles at what I'm calling a training ride as my legs are still recovering from 24-9. It should be a good time as I'm carpooling with "Big D" and a few other friends to make the long drive more interesting. My plans today include commuting to work along with getting my S-Works ready for the weekend. Having Thursday as my last workday of the week is something I could get use to. Too bad I 'm not responsible for the work schedule...