Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Five AM
Not a whole lot going on in our small town when you meet this early to road ride. Nothing feels as good as getting a 60 miler in before eight in the morning with almost two hours to spare before work. Today was the first test of the PowerTap after getting all the sensors on my road bike. At this point I'm just trying to understand it , while hoping that it doesn't throw back any info that depresses me this close to the 24 Hour Nationals. This morning was the first day that I've felt good since the Eau Claire WORS race. I think that I just needed to back off and have fun riding without worrying about what workout I had for a certain day. The Alterra Coffee Bean Classic is this weekend in Franklin and my goal is to redeem myself after the tire puncture two weeks ago. This is my last event leading up to the 24 Hour Nationals.

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