Thursday, July 06, 2006

Commute & Rest
The only riding today is my commute as I'm feeling like I'm on the verge of getting sick during this off week from racing. I've been listening to my body as the training has increased and this is definetly a sign to back off for a few days. Better now vs the end of the month.

My PowerTap arrived with all the components yesterday and I'm excited to get it all figured out. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to road test it on the morning ride if all body systems are recovered. Lights and batteries are set for the 24-9 as NiteRider has helped greatly with giving me enough support to get me through the dark night in the 9-mile swamp. I'm starting to get organized for 24-9 earlier every year as my piles of supplies start to materialize on the basement floor. Work today is short followed by my weekly massage that is very much needed.

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