Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Part Two
A small turnout tonight with just four guys and a total of 50 miles by the end of the ride. No sign sprints tonight, but some good accelerations and a hand full of strong pulls on one stretch of continuous large rolling hills. My legs feel good for this weekends WORS race and I'm hoping that I'll be strong for the long open field ski trail sections. The singletrack last year was awesome and I've heard that the course will be better this year. The last few rides on my mtb have been stem length tests. I'm having a hard time deciding between the 100mm or the 110mm length while dialing in my riding position for 24-9. This weekends pre-ride on Saturday could be where I finally make a decision on the best set-up. In the next two weeks I should see some new mtb shoes and a helmet from Specialized just in time to get some miles on them before the big race in five weeks. The days are flying by too quickly as July is already here this weekend.

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