Monday, June 19, 2006

Nothing exciting to report about this weekends WORS race. I finished 16th overall (2nd in the 40-44 Elite) as I had a few issues on the fourth lap that didn't help my heavy legs out in the open fields where being able to accelerate and mash bigger gears basically handicapped me yesterday. The rain was miserable enough for the morning races with at least ten ripped off rear derailleurs from the clay and grass that would pack heavily into the drivetrain. The weather hurt the elite field size, but once we got on the course the mud from the morning had either dried up enough to make the course rideable or the early classes had picked most of it up during their races. Our race was also rerouted onto the citizen course and we hammered out five quick laps in the twenty minute range which was short an hour compared to the Big Ring WORS race in Wausau two weeks ago. The longer the race, the better for me as I couldn't ride out of the funk I experienced yesterday in sprint length race. Next race, the Firecracker WORS in Eau Claire.

Photos by RUSTY

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